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The Encounter

Posted on: April 13, 2009

Anna stood before Cole wearing nothing but a whipped cream bathing suit. He liked what he saw and drew her close to him.

“You look very sweet my dear.”

“I thought you would approve my love.”

Cole began to lick the whipped cream off of one of her breasts. Shivers went down her spine as she felt his tongue hit her flesh.

Anna kissed him back licking the whipped cream from his lips. Suddenly Nick appeared behind her and began kissing her back.

She didn’t expect Nick to be there but she enjoyed him kissing her spine and her shoulders. Nick was kissing the small of her back sending shivers down her whole body.

Nick continued to kiss her turning her towards him. Now it was his turn to lick the whipped cream. He chose to kiss it off of her womanhood.

Anna gasped with excitement of having two men in love with her caressing her body at the same time. She loved the way she felt when she was with them.

Nick pulled out the handcuffs. Anna nodded in agreement. He took her to the bed and handcuffed her to the headboard.

“This is my perfect fantasy,” she told them, “to be bound to the bed and have two men make love to me.”

Nick and Cole added more whipped cream to Anna’s naked body. She lay there with her legs spread wide waiting for their next move.

“Next it will be your turn Cole and then Nick.”

“But first we feast on you my sweet Anna,” Nick said before licking the whipped cream from her lips. He then traveled down to her right breast.

Anna had to stifle a laugh because Nick’s tongue tickled. She could feel the excitement all over her body. The heat of his breath on her breast, she squirmed with anticipation as to what would happen next.

Cole began to caress her thighs and then he kissed the inside of her left leg. Anna was in complete ecstasy. She could feel her pussy becoming moist a little of it dripping onto the bed between her legs.

Anna strained against the handcuffs arching her back at Nick and Cole’s every touch. She thought that she had died and gone to heaven. Her fantasy was coming true right before her eyes. She always imagined what this would be like. But this was beyond her imagination.

Nick and Cole switched positions both of their cocks getting stiffer by the minute. They were waiting for the right moment to enter her. One at a time, of course, they both wouldn’t fit at the same time.

Anna was aching for one of them to make their move on her. She spread her legs wider inviting them in. Who would make the first move she wondered would it be Cole or Nick. Soon her question was answered as Cole mounted her and stuck his cock into her waiting pussy.

She moaned with pleasure as the rhythm started—thrust—release—thrust again. This continued until Cole reached his climax and cum into her sighing his relief. He exited her as the excess came pouring out onto the bed.

Next it was Nick’s turn. He approached her slowly caressing her body. Before he entered her he kissed her pussy feeling the moisture on his lips. He continued to kiss her body as he began to thrust inside her.

Soon they were all exhausted from the exercise and collapsed on the bed one on either side of her. Once Nick was rested he undid the handcuffs releasing her. She looked at them both and then she chose Nick to be the next one in handcuffs.

Cole decided he would be the first one to make love to Nick. He began to kiss Nick on the lips and then put his tongue down his throat. Cole continued to kiss Nick’s neck and then his chest. Nick was becoming excited by Cole’s touch. He was more excited than he was with Anna.

Every time Cole touched him he would feel shivers as well as heat at the point of each caress. Cole stole kisses from Nick. He French kissed him, bringing up the heat level that was building between them. Anna held her breath as she was watching Cole and Nick kiss.

Soon it would be her turn to join in on the fun. She was looking forward to having her time with Nick. She knew exactly what she would do to him to bring out the flame of passion between them. Anna could picture the whole scene in her mind.

Now it was Anna’s turn and she straddled him and bent into him so that his face was between her breasts. She then sat up and began massaging Nick’s chest. She began to coo over him. Next she put her hands on his cock and placed herself in position inserting it into her pussy. She then jiggled up and down on it.

“You are an eager one aren’t you?” Nick asked her while she bounced.

“It’s all for you my baby. It’s all for you.”

“I’ve never seen you this aggressive before.”

“Times have changed Nick. I’m a whole new woman since I met the two of you that night at the party.”


8 Responses to "The Encounter"

Oh, dear Lord, where’s there a cold shower when you need one? Hot stuff, lady! I’m going to be seeing Nick and Cole in my dreams tonight. 😉

Two men and whipped cream–a perfect combination!

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damn! That was super hawt!

Steamy! With whipped cream! Very fun.

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Wow, that’s hot enough to melt all that whipped cream!

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