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Dyana loved the feel of his lips on her body and the touch of his hands all over her. She truly loved him. He could mold her anyway he wanted and she didn’t mind.

“Are you ready for this?” he asked.

“I am ready for you, Caim,” she replied.

He proceeded to place his stiffened dick into her waiting pussy. She could feel the pressure of it as it entered her. She let out a gasp of ecstasy and relaxed her body slightly and then tightened up her muscles as he ebbed and flowed through her.

Soon he reached his climax. “I’m gonna cum,” he whispered to her.

“I am ready for you,” she replied and then she arched her back bringing her breasts closer to him.

“You are mine Dyanna for now and forever,” he told her and he meant every word of it. She was immortal for the most part and so was he because of the pact he made with a dying dragon so many years ago.

He began to ejaculate into her and when he finished he rolled onto the bed next to her and then untied her so that he could hold her. She then put her head on his chest and grabbing onto his arm with her hand.


“Are you sure you want it this way?” he asked.

“Yes, I am sure,” she replied.

She licked her lips waiting for the taste of him. She trusted him with her life and knew he wouldn’t hurt her if he could help it. Dyana didn’t have to wait too long. Soon he was on top of her.

He began to kiss her all over. Her lips, her breasts and down to her quivering belly. Then he put his hands on her cradling her breasts in his hands before moving down to her hips.

I am going to cancel Crimson Wings unless I get comments telling me not to cancel it. Please leave your comments.

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