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“Caim, will you love me forever?” she asked.

“Yes, I will love you forever,” he replied.

“You are the only one for me,” she told him.

“And you for me,” he answered. “What brought this on?”

“I was feeling down, that’s all.”

“You will be with me forever Dyana. You needn’t worry about that ever.”

She kissed him deeply. She loved him and she always would. He had been her savior. She would always be grateful to him for saving her life that night.

He held her close and played with her hair through his fingers. “What are we going to do today?” he asked.

“I haven’t decided yet. What did you have in mind?”

“I thought we could stay here like this for most of the day and then get something to eat.”

“Sounds good to me,” she replied and then she kissed him again. He returned her kiss over and over again.

5cf3025589ff20_full1Caim held Dyanna in his arms while she slept. He would always be there to protect her from harm. She was his now after rescuing her from being attacked. He had killed the three men that had threatened her.

He had fallen in love with her from the first time they met. He continued to wear his armor and wield a sword even though this was the 21st century. Caim had come from a time of knights and honor.

Dyana was born a cat shifter. She had finally taken human form after two centuries of being a house cat. She remembers well the night that she had met Caim and how he came to her rescue.

Caim was content to hold her in his arms. He loved the smell of her hair and her skin pressed against him. He swore that first night that he would always protect her from danger.

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Dyana continued to purr it is something that all cat shifters do when they’re content.  He continued to make sweet love to her.  He wanted her to know that she was his.  Caim began to moan with pleasure as he continued to thrust inside her.

She dug her claws into him.  ” Not so hard my love,” he said to her.

“Sorry, I must have gotten carried away,” she replied.

” It’s alright, I can handle it.”

Soon she put her claws away and just used her fingers on his back.  She did not want to hurt him again.  When he was finished he lied by her side breathless.  He held her in his arms her head on his chest.

klimt_sonjakipsCaim held her close and undid her bra and then he removed her skirt and her panties.  She was now totally naked in his arms.  He then took off his shirt and pants and soon he was naked too.  Caim began to kiss her breasts first one then the other.

Dyana cupped his face in her hands and pulled him close then she kissed him.  She continued to kiss him while he held her in his arms.  She then put her arms around his neck in a loving embrace.

13ce8cd7cc6dc0_fullHis member was beginning to get hard as he began to massage her spot.  Soon he could take it no longer and he thrust it into her.  She let out a gasp and soon began to purr.  Soon her claws came out just a little bit and she began to claw at his back bringing him closer to her.

She whispered in his ear, ” I’m yours forever.”

” I know,” he answered as his lips captured her mouth again.

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